These helmets are either ones I have completely done myself or helmets other people have done using helmets I
sculpted but they did the final assembly and paint work on them.
Clone Pilot "Goji" finished and painted by Brian "Stormtrooperguy"
Using one of my TWC Pilot helmets.
This is a WIP and I will add more pics of this awesome helmet once
Actual screen cap from the TCW  series.
These 3 helmets were assembled and painted by Robert "tk2292" and a couple of his buddies
using 3 castings of my TWC pilot helmet. They built their own chest boxes and did an
absolutely amazing job on these helmets. More pics of these can be seen at the link below.
This paint up and chest box was done by "Woltors" of the clone wars pilot "Oddball". He did a superb job capturing this characters paint scheme.
Helmet again is a casting of one of my pilots I sculpted.